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Reflectiv has designed high technology window films for more than 25 years.
Reflectiv films meet high quality end durability standards and needs for light filtration, glass safety and decoration.

Frosted films : Make the glass look professionally sandblasted. Add privacy without blocking the light.

One way mirror film : Provide privacy through one way vision. Perfect mirror from  the outside, crystal clear from  the inside.

Safety and security films : Provide extra-resistance to your windows and other glass applications. Prevent accidents with extra shatter resistance. Protect from vandalism, accidental shock, and explosion. Delay breaking-in through windows.

Solar films : Solve solar exposition over-heating problems. Reflect up to 80% of sun heat and 99% of UV. Reduce glare and improve comfort. Save energy cost.

Decorative films : Enhance clear glass with a wide range of designs and patterns. Add privacy and style to office partitions, ground level windows, doors and many other applications.

Solid colour films : Deep dyed coloured polyester. Provide perfect transparency. 10 different colours, infinite possibilities.

Automotive films : Wide range of tints to provide the right look and sun protection level to any car. Protect car interior and passengers from the sun damaging rays, reduce glare and provide extra privacy.

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