What are adhesive films for windows used for?

Reflectiv adhesive films are applied to your windows or glass furnishings in order to modify certain of their characteristics. They will offer you protection (from shards of glass, the sun or from prying eyes), or provide decoration for your interiors through use of colour films, stained glass films, or films featuring motifs.
All these films are easy to apply and do not require any special maintenance.

How do I make a window safe using adhesive film for windows?

Reflectiv safety film is a very strong, transparent film which is applied to glass in order to reinforce it. It allows household accidents caused by shards of glass to be avoided, and slows down break-ins.
This film creates a solid membrane which reinforces the glass whilst at the same time maintaining the glazing’s transparency.
Reflectiv safety film complies with safety standards, and received an M1 classification from the CSTB (French Construction Scientific and Technical Centre): the polyester film is consumed without either creating or spreading flames, and even under these conditions, the film does not break into fragments.

How do I protect myself from the sun’s heat using an adhesive film for windows?

To combat the sun’s heat, Reflectiv has created films which reflect up to 79% of the solar energy, whilst at the same time still allowing you to see outside. They therefore allow you to effectively combat the greenhouse effect created by the sun’s rays, whilst at the same time saving on air conditioning.

How do I reduce energy consumption using adhesive films for windows?

Reflectiv created an adhesive film for windows that provides summer and winter comfort, enabling energy consumption to be reduced both in summer and in winter. This film, which features small reflective aluminium dots, enables up to 48% of the heat in summer to be reflected, thereby enabling the use of air conditioning to be reduced, while in winter on the other hand, due to the height of the sun (which is lower in winter), it allows rays to enter so that the room can be heated naturally.

How do I protect myself from prying eyes using adhesive films for windows?

For everyone wanting to protect themselves from prying eyes whilst at the same time adding a touch of originality to their windows, Reflectiv has created a frosted film which gives your windows, window bays, glass furnishings or glass doors a sandblasted glass finish.
It filters what people can see from outside whilst at the same time supporting the glass in the event of an impact or an accident.

Reflectiv also offers two-way mirror film so that you can be seen without being seen. It plays on the phenomenon of light balance: in response to stronger light, the film becomes a reflective screen. It reflects the image on one side like a mirror whilst maintaining the glass’s transparency on the other side.

How do I decorate my windows or glass furnishings using adhesive films for windows?

To provide your room with a touch of originality, the Reflectiv range of adhesive films for windows offers a wide range of decorative films for applying to your windows, glass doors or glass furnishings.
You can choose from ten colours (fuchsia, vermillion red, pink, violet, ocean blue, buttercup yellow, orange, azure blue, spring green and turquoise blue), stained glass films (they provide a perfect imitation of stained glass whilst at the same time maintaining the transparency of the glass), and films with motifs (films with frosted strips, imitation blinds films, angel hair films, films with frosted squares, etc.). For greater originality, you can combine colour films with other films.


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